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Sherry can't carry bikes on roof of her Town Car

Sherry and her husband in Cheyanne Wyoming are in a jam trying to haul bikes on their car. She says they couldn’t attach the roof rack they already have to their new ride, a Lincoln Town Car. So she wants to buy a $3000 stretch limo! Duhhhhh.

Sherry, please think about just getting the bikes into the car! Sure there’s plenty of space inside, but that space is made for people, not bikes. Loading and unloading will be a catastrophe.

I have a better idea. This will save you $2750 (plus tax, DMV fees, title, and premium insurance for the limo).

Most likely your present roof rack is designed to attach to older vehicles, the kind with gutters above the side windows. Somewhere about two decades ago, those gutters started to disappear, to reduce wind noise I think. In response, the major roof rack companies, Yakima and Thule, created new “towers” for their products which enable mounting the same rack accessories as usual for bikes, kayaks, canoes, snowboards, luggage boxes, etc. The tower is the foundation for any roof rack, it’s the part (four of them), which contact the vehicle and which hold the crossbars.

All you need to do is replace the towers on your existing rack, everything else will be the same. You can use all the same parts you already own for your entire fleet of bicycles, including the cross bars. Round bars are Yakima, Square bars are Thule.

If your rack is a Yakima, their product is called “Q Tower”, list price $165.
If you have Thule, you need one of their “foot packs”, probably the Traverse or Podium, about $190.

Really, you’ll be a lot better off with a rack on your current Town Car. Just buy new towers. Think what you could do with that $2750 you save! Braces for the kids maybe??


Or she could even get the bones 3 rack that will attach to the back of pretty much any car for $160. We have one and took the bikes from Saint Louis all the way to Savanah Georgia, not a problem was had.

I think I remember that during the call to the show she vetoed the idea of the rear mount. Maybe I’m wrong though. Regardless, they have a tandem and several other bikes, I think they just have too much to put back there.

Buy a hitch/receiver…and then get one of these…

It can be done.

Perfect! Thanks for the photo. I hope Sherry sees this, but I doubt she will. Can you imagine trying to wiggle a tandem bike through a door in this rig? Looks like this car has a factory track in the roof with appropriate towers.

During the call, Sherry definitely declined the trailer hitch idea - I went back and listened again…too many bikes and blocks access to the trunk. And I’m guessing the tandem would just be longer than the car is wide.

Yeah, that tandem is a problem, I wouldn’t want that stretching across the back of anything, even a Town Car. Take out a few pedestrians. She just needs to get the right rack for the new car, Yakima or Thule can take care of that. And they have specific ones for tandems.


I went back and listened again…too many bikes and blocks access to the trunk

I can understand someone who’s NOT knowledgeable about the rear bike carriers worrying about that…but if Sherry actually looked at the carriers out there…she wouldn’t be making that statement.

First off…a rear bike carrier can carry MORE bikes then ANY roof carrier. I’ve seen them carry up to 8 bikes.

Second…there are models that fold out of the way to access the trunk. The one I have…I just pull a pin and fold the bikes away and down. I then have full access to my rear hatch. Others use a button that you press.

Good to know, thanks for the clarification Mike. I hope Sherry notices this, but that’s unlikely I suppose.