Jetta overheating?

I have an 02 jetta, it has been overheating when i drive but when im in ldle it cools down. ive changed the thermostat, i think it may be the waterpump (only from what ive read) can someone help me? what do you think if wrong with it. my ac is also not working-might be a seperate problem? please help! how much do you think it will cost to fix this problem at a shop??? thanks

Replace the water pump and the accessory drive belt.

Although you could change the belt first, which is cheaper, and see it solves you problem. If not,the water pump.

One thing that could affect both is if they are plugged up on the outside with bugs, etc. Otherwise, it’s probably a separate problem. For the overheating, it may be the thermostat or the radiator may be plugged. A good shop should be able to diagnose this with an IR thermometer. Do you have a good non-dealer mechanic?

Also could be the pump.

my father in law put in a new thernostat it didnt seem to help, also when he has replacing this he snapped the dipstick holder; any idea how to fix this? or is it even that important?
-i live in arizona, so bugs arnt really a problem haha

how much do most places charge to diagnose?

The job of the radiator is to cool the engine, and for that it needs good air flow and good fluid flow through the inside radiator core. If this core is partially plugged due to neglected maintenance, the car can overheat, especially in Arizona. If your fan does not come on, you could also have an overheating problem.Why you replaced the water pump before checking out the radiator is beyond me.

You could also have a blown head gasket, common in Volkswagens. This would manifest itself through bubbles coming out of the cooling system, visible in the overflow tank.

Before you spend any more money, please have a competent mechanic check ou the cooling fan, the radiator, and check for a posible head gasket leak.

ok…well thanks for the reply

any suggestions as to how i should fix the dipstck holder?