Big guy is lost without a Lucerne

My husband is 6-3, 315 lbs, a big guy. He has been buying Lucernes, but now that they have been discontinued, he is lost. He bought a 2009 a few years ago, but that’s the last year.
We have gone car shopping, but nothing fits him. He has tried other Buicks, but his shoulders are up against the window.
He refuses to look at a Lincoln, a Caddie, or an SUV.
He’s also cheap AF.
Any ideas?

Perhaps let his cheap you know what suffer. Why help him if he’s going to be so stubborn. My wife would tell me to drop dead. A Cadillac Escalade would be perfect for him.

Tell him to go by his self and when he finds something you can look at it then. And if he insists on being difficult the internet can’t help.

Tell him to walk or bike instead of drive. :wink:
I’d like Ferrari cars to cost $10,000 so I can buy one but that isn’t going to happen either! :laughing:

You could write “Dear Abby”.