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Beverly re Neanderthal, in today's paper

Today’s BayAreaNewsGroup-Contra Costa paper’s Car Talk: http://blo…cmpid=2696

Beverly on Neanderthal shows the success of schooling, school being the exact opposite of education, and not just now, in this time. It was the same 70 years ago and all along, when I started and went through it.

We learned prejudice all along, chauvinistic hating of people by age, shape, color, origin, idea - we were to disdain Einstein, a communist; degree of success in class, and on and on.

Neanderthal people possibly just didn’t fight off Homo sapiens, possibly getting eliminated over time because of that. Or not.

Whatever the cause of their ‘disappearance’, no one to say their heirs don’t exist among us, I think, they having been able to reproduce through matings with Homo sapiens.

Neanderthal was handsome, intelligent, had a larger brain than Homo sapiens. Neanderthal did survive through an era, indicating intelligence.

While Hollywood and school teachers find it necessary to depict some people as chimpanzees - also very intelligent, just chimpanzees, not humans - grunting whooowhoo, whacking women over the head, or such, those are again, prejudicial depictions needing eradication as much as is necessary about all the prejudices against sectors of modern society.

Shame on Beverly. Sorry she’s so stupid-ified by our intensely intentionally stupid-ifying school system.

We need ignoramuses to submit to the lies we’re forced to mentally ingest in order to commit the horrors on each other we do daily, directed so by our media, church, electeds - controlled by our Owners, parents and communities that feel required to attack the ‘other’.

I exercise my right to change the station.

??? Do I have to start listening to the show or something?

Let’s see…this is a REPAIR & MAINTENANCE forum on a CAR talk discussion board. If this is trolling it is positively the oddest form I’ve seen.

And in case the OP is wondering, anyone who knows something of social science should be familiar with basic fact that mandatory mass education comes from two primary things. One is the growth of huge bureaucracies - state, corporate, and otherwise - where everyone has to know how to read memos and do basic math. The second is making sure that a “state” becomes a “nation” (nation-state, or just “country”). Thus all school systems teach the 3 r’s and cultural chauvinism. So I have no idea what this diatribe was about but it isn’t news or anything. And it certainly isn’t a discussion of any automotive repair & maintenance issue.

Maybe Beverly should have said “Caveman”. Oh but wait! That might upset the one on the Geico commercials.


look at the article - the internet connection is shown in what I wrote

I did. What’s your point?