Better Business Bureau warns against gas additives scams

Interesting item on this evening’s news, the BBB warns it has tested over 100 gas additives purported to increase gas mileage and found that NONE of them work significantly and that MOST DON’T WORK AT ALL.

Gee, big surprise, huh?

The BBB is no doubt receiving a lot of complaints about these scams.

I would imagine so.

The same newscast also reported that siphoning diesal from the fuel tanks of semi-trucks has become a major problem. Apparently while the driver is catching some sleep at a truck stop or rest stop, other truckers are siphoning fuel to put in their own trucks.

Marnet, can you post a link to that BBB report? We may wish to pass it along to all the naive newcomers who constantly show up with that familiar question.

Speaking of siphoning…this Arsonist (I forget where…but was very recent)…would siphon out gas from a near by car and then use the gas to start a fire. Well he siphoned out gas from this car which just happened to be an unmarked police car…and the two occupants inside which the arsonist didn’t notice were there staking out waiting for the arsonist to strike again.

I bet we still get sevaral posts each week asking the same questions, though. BTW, it’s nice to see your post; I haven’t seen one for a while. How’s that Impala?

I looked on the internet but haven’t found any such report in writing. It was the head of the local BBB, who often is a guest on the local news with updates on ongoing scams, problems, hints on doing business, etc. who spoke about the gas additives scam. If I do find a link at some point, I will be sure to post it.

Thank you.

Impala is doing well, thanks. Got the electronic glitch with the airbag alert and flickering dash lights fixed. This is one case where the dealership has been great, provided very good service for the warranty issue, and got it fixed right. I’ve made a point of letting the BBB know about the GOOD service. Only seems fair to always tell the BBB good reports of businesses that provide excellent work rather than merely file complaints about those who don’t! Did the same thing for the foundation repair and roofing companies that recently provided excellent work on the house.

I’m getting almost as good mileage from the Impala as many 4 cyl vehicles and enjoy the smooth ride of the longer wheelbase. Had I been buying a car at the time only for my needs, I could and would have gone with a slightly smaller gas sipper but needed the smoother ride for Dad’s comfort at the time. It’s proving a good choice and buy so far. Hope it stays that way as it gets older. I’ll find out as I plan to drive it for many years unless anything drastic changes.

A good investment would be a locking gas cap for your US car. Note that nearly all foreign-designed cars have gas covers that lock from inside the car. Foreign gas prices necessitated this.

Doc has made a very good suggestion, Marnet. Get a locking gas cap in order to prevent both gas siphoning and kiddie-type vandalism. In this case, I recommend that you get the genuine GM article from the dealer, rather than the cut-rate version from Wal-Mart or other low-priced purveyors.

If the gas cap is not truly compatible with your car, then problems with the evaporative emissions system can result, so the extra cost for the genuine article is worthwhile. Better safe than sorry!

Hadn’t thought of doing that, as the car spends most of the time in my locked garage or sitting only short time on the grocery store, bank, drug store parking lots during busy daylight hours. I’ll look into the suggestion though, given what gas prices are doing and some reports of gas siphoning from cars in the area. Thanks.

You may not need the locking gas cap given your driving habits.

Not to forget the bone-headed teen in the news recently, who was siphoning gas and used a cigarette lighter to illuminate the tank to see how much gas there was… the only tragic part is that he’ll probably sue the car owner, the car maker, the gas supplier, and the lighter maker for his severe burns…

One quick way to find out is check with the local police precinct just up the street a couple of miles from here if they have been getting a notable number of reports of gas siphoning from cars on area parking lots. That should give me a good idea of the need given when and where I have my car out on average.

Aha, finally found the link to the St. Louis chapter of the BBB’s warning against scams claiming wonders and miracles for increasing gas mileage. As promised here it is:

The head of the local Better Business Bureau was on tv again this morning, this time on a different tv station, with the same warning against the proliferation of scams claiming to greatly enhance miles per gallon in cars.


Thanks, Marnet. One of my friends who buys into all the oil conspiracy theories bought a magnet device several years ago. This device wrapped around the fuel line and was supposed to line up electrons in the fuel and greatly increase mpg. I never bought one. He eventually took his off. Maybe he felt sorry that the savings he was experiencing were making he oil companies poor. Never asked him the full story. I think maybe it didn’t work as advertised, or at all. Love the Impalas, BTW, especially the ones with the BIG V8s.