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Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

It’s been an informative and eventful year and the New Year will likely bring many new surprises.

Best Wishes to all!



And to you and yours too!

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We had a rough start to 2016 for our family; it lasted until May, one thing after another.
I wish a perfect 2017 for all. Stay Merry.

Merry whatever to all of you and yours tool!

Happy holidays . . . !

Fortunately, I get a paid holiday on monday the 26th and monday the 1st

when I was at the dealership, when Christmas and New Year’s fell on the weekend, that was just too bad for us :frowning:

yeah, it actually happened a few times, where we went home on friday, christmas was on a saturday or sunday, and we returned to work on monday, business as usual. no extra time off

I’m still relatively healthy, and hopefully the rest of you guys are at least hanging in there . . . !

tomorrow I’m heading to Temecula, to spend time with some relatives. Fortunately, these are relatives I rather like. Unlike the relatives I saw over thanksgiving weekend Well, those guys did a few things this year, which were VERY hurtful, AND it was deliberate. These relatives I’m seeing tomorrow have been nothing but pleasant and supportive

I hope you guys don’t any long drives ahead of you this weekend. Unfortunately, I do :fearful:

Luckily the only hard drives I am dealing with are from computers, pulling the magnets for my perpetual motion machine, the weird thing with those magnets, You put them back to back and nothing happens, face to face can be dangerous, at the right angle you can get a push without pull, sorry to digress but best wishes for all :wink:

@db4690; we drove to Temecula on thanksgiving to spend time with some friends (rather than family). A lot of traffic in both directions for us but well worth it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all!

Yes, a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah (in an unusual bit of synchronicity, they begin on the same day this year) to all!

For the long-term, I wish everyone good health and prosperity for 2017, and in the short-term, I hope that you don’t encounter too much traffic congestion on the roads.
In my area, the traffic volume yesterday was already incredible, and I don’t even want to think about what I am going to find today on the roads, and in the parking lots and stores as I go in search of a big piece of wild-caught salmon for our Christmas dinner!

Best wishes for happy holidays and 365.25 happy days until we do this again next year. I’m so fortunate to have a happy, stable family to spend some time with tomorrow. I got a new son two years ago and another this year. Of course, that means my daughters have other family obligations too. One of them goes to RVA today and leaves tomorrow afternoon to comes back here for the evening with us. Then they go to LA to see his mother and her family. He may have two half brothers there, but he is fully crazy about them.

The shop I work at is closed on Monday as well. The owner asked our opinions, out of 8, 3 of us said that the 26th is a normal working day, just like the 5th of July and the day after Thanksgiving. I was disappointed, I don’t have a job so I can take days off, I have a job to work and make money. But to be fair, I would have voted to be open even if I were to get paid for the day. There’s always work to be done and money to be made.

I grew up in LA, in Torrance. Temecula isn’t that far, what, maybe 80 miles depending on where you live? That’s a long drive? First job I had (in Torrance) I worked with a guy who could only afford to buy a house in Lake Elsinore. So that was his daily commute 5 days a week. Safe travels to you this weekend!

Anyway, Merry Christmas and best wishes to all. And so we don’t forget about those who may not have the chance to have a Merry Christmas, please do one thing, no matter how small, this weekend that helps those around us who are in need.

Actually, you might be off by a day

On NPR, they said that Hanukkah and Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day, begin on the same day

They had mentioned it, as a way of saying that today might be one of the worst days to go shopping . . . !

Actually, it’s pretty appalling that the folks at NPR are that ignorant.
Under Talmudic Law, the next day begins at sundown on the previous day, so at ~4:30 PM today, it is December 25th on the secular calendar used by those of the Jewish faith, and thus both holidays begin on the same day this year!

Well, that is one way of interpreting it

I don’t think parents will be telling their kids at 4:30PM today, that it’s now Christmas Day, December 25th, so go ahead and open your presents now . . . !

Kind of defeats the whole idea of going to sleep, anxious to see what “Santa” brought you during the night :wink:

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On behalf of the motley crew of lackeys spread far and wide under the Car Talk Plaza empire, I wish you all safe, healthy, and happy holidays. I’m kinda happy to leave behind the subway today to head back to damp New England to see my family (and try out the new family Honda – see? Cars!) Looking forward to a 2017 full of boundless possibilities, where we might even find where TSM’s missing “e” fell off his username. :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas / Hanukkah or whatever you do & happy new year to all.I envy ya’ll who can spend time with kids & grandkids that I can not as it is to far & way to cold as they are in Fairbanks Alaska.

Best wishes to all for a joyful Christmas season and a happy, prosperous New Year. I may look for a job so I can retire from retirement. Since the first of November I have played in seven different musical performances and spent two days a week on a ladder at the church we attend converting the fluorescent fixtures to LED lighting. Mrs. Triedaq spends hours making visits to assisted care facilities, making hospital visits and driving people to doctors’ appointments. We got so busy we didn’t take a vacation this year as we always did when we were employed. I’m in my 6th year of retirement and haven’t found time to unpack the boxes I brought home from my office. It was in my 5 year plan to sort through these dozen or so boxes. I’ve now made a new five year plan. We really feel fortunate to be in good health and are so busy.
Best to all.

I’ve been retired for over 10 years, and those boxes are still sitting in my basement.
I actually did open one of them last year, looked at the stuff inside it, immediately wondered…Why did I bring this crap home?, and tossed the contents in the garbage.

So, if truth be told, I have one less box of work-related stuff sitting in my basement than previously.

Also many thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow.


Here’s looking forward to another year of a truly great forum. :santa: