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Best way for Canadian to buy car in US and take to Canada

Have a friend who says cars in US are cheaper than in Canada. Would like to acquire a used car in US and take home to Canada in the most economical area. Does anyone have any experience in this area?

For some makes, like Acura, you’ll give up any remaining warranty, so that’s one consideration.

You need to check with Transport Canada as to whih cars qualify technically. Start with the Canadian Automobile Association who have a pamphlet on importing a car from the US. Transport Canada has licensed Canadian Tire Automotivbe to make the necessary inspections and conversions, but you don’t need to use them.

All cars, for instance, need a metric speedometer. I rented a Ford explorer in the US last year which had a convertible odometer and speedometer. Those models still need daytime running lights, stronger child seat anchors to meet Canadian specs.

It’s important to take your time and zero in on models that need the least modifications. Canadian Tire can tell you what a certain model needs changed before you buy it.

Good luck!

I would look for the car that meets the least changes to be comapatible with Canadian standards. Somne older models, forninstance don’t meet the nmcuch stiffer Camnadain bumper standards and would be very expensive to midify.

I know there is a Subaru dealer for example in Keene NH who has a person specialized in car sales (new and likely used) to Canada buyers. I am sure along the border many other dealers are there and perform these transactions all the time and can assist you if you plan on buying from a used/new dealer. Private sales I have no idea.