Bargain or Headache

It’s my understanding that a Canadian purchasing a vechile in the U.S. stands to save multiple thousands of dollars (amount depending on the original sticker price.)

I also understand that there are possible impediments to such a transaction.

Would nyone out there care to discuss the pros and cons!

If you’re talking about a new vehicle, most car dealers near the border are very used to doing this and it will likely be no problem at all. There’s some near me that pretty much specialize in selling to Canadians these days! They’ve been talking about putting restrictions on cross-border sales of new cars, though, so you might need to get 'em while you can.

If buying a used vehicle you won’t save the cost of all the paperwork/fees.

You have to buy new to make the endeavor worth your while.

There is a bit of paperwork to fill out and hoops to jump through, but it’s very doable especially if you’re buying from a dealer who is familiar with the process. I think the biggest issue is making sure you’re buying a decent car (if used) because of the distance from the dealer if something goes wrong. If new, the issue is the warranty. From what I understand, the warranty on vehicles bought in the US is only honoured by US dealerships except for “emergency” problems while visiting Canada.

Here are a few sites to help you figure out what’s involved in the process:

Supposedly, some dealers refuse to sell cars to Canadians, citing “corporate policy”.

Regarding the warranty issue, as an example, here’s an excerpt from Mitsubishi’s website (not sure about other brands):

"All Mitsubishi vehicles sold and registered in the USA have no warranty coverage in Canada. This is specifically indicated in the Warranty and Maintenance Manual that accompanies each and every vehicle sold in the USA. Mitsubishi Motor Sales of North America is responsible for this warranty coverage.

In the USA, Powertrain coverage on most 2004 and all newer models is not transferable to subsequent owners.

US Mitsubishi owners temporarily travelling in Canada on vacation , etc can receive emergency warranty repairs during their stay in Canada. There is a reciprocal agreement that applies to Canadian customers travelling in the USA. "

So, a really good deal on a used car out of warranty might be a better choice.

Thanks everyone. I was talking about new cars specifically and you’ve been a great help!

And then some specialize in this transaction like a Subaru dealer in NH. I believe its a $10k difference(currency is on par now) from buying Canada vs US for a loaded Subaru Outback/Legacy.