Best Used vehicle for obese passenger

We need to replace our 99 Chev Tahoe, but need a vehicle with lots of room for 6’4" 500 lb passenger. HELP!

Most cities have a shop that modifies cars and/or vans for handicaped.

A minivan with the sliding side door. Rear bench so passenger can be seated in the middle.

I am sorry, but instead of finding a vehicle to accommodate your weight, politically incorrect I am sure, find a weight to accommodate a vehicle. I do not understand morbid obesity, but think eat less is a start.

I work with a guy who’s easily 400lbs…and he drives a Kia Soul. Seems to fit ok.

@Barkydog, you don’t even know the cause of the obesity, so to assume it is caused by lifestyle choices seems callous.

Your proactive apology should be made sincerely.

When my wife and I took my late Mother-in-Law to her doctor’s appts. in either a 93 Caprice sedan or a 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan. She was overweight and needed an oxygen tank to get around. The Caprice was big enough and the seats were lower, but the doors did not open wide enough to easily get her into the car. On the other hand, the sliding door and captain’s chair in the Sienna made getting into and out of the van a lot easier. We kept a folding stool in the van to help her climb into it.

Ed B.

I had a former colleague that was about the same size–6’ 4" and weighed over 500 pounds. His last two cars were Mercury Grand Marquis–a 1969 and a 1978. The dealer moved the seat tracks back and he was able to drive both cars. Unfortunately, he died in 1978 after owning the 1978 Grand Marquis for about a month.

One of the classic Cartalk segments was a conversation between C&C and NPR commentator and children’s book writer, Daniel Pinkwater. I’m sure that’s posted somewhere on the website, or on a Cartalk cd. The hilarious conversation focused on Mr. Pinkwater being, in his words, “circumferentially challenged”. He needed a new car, and did some groundbreaking research in the form of watching people in a mall parking lot to determine which cars seemed easiest for larger people to enter and exit.

He reached the highly unexpected conclusion that the modern VW Beetle was a hands down winner. And so Daniel retired his beloved old BMW, and bought a Beetle. Well, I don’t really remember him mentioning what he bought, but I’m certain that he concluded the new Beetle was easiest to get into and out of for larger people.

That was several years ago - maybe at least a decade, but the car he was referring to is the redesigned VW, not the classic noisy one from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc.

I have a friend who’s 6’2" and was about 400lbs at one point. He always swore by minivans, and since he has lost quite a bit of weight and he still likes the minivans because he can transport whatever he needs to.

I’m a larger buy myself, but not quite that large and I prefer low riding sedans.

One thing to consider for a LARGE person…is the ability to get in and out of the vehicle. The lower the vehicle is…the more difficult it is to get in and out of. When I had knee surgery several years ago…I found getting in and out of my wifes car was a real pain…but my Pathfinder was pretty easy…All I had to do was slide my butt over.

My Grandfather was a very large guy and had leg problems. For the majority of the time, he drove a 1995 Buick Lesabre, which seemed to have enough ground clearance to be fairly easy to get in and out of. He also drove a variety of new Chevy 1/2 tons. It was easier for him to step up a little to get into than it was to try and get out from a low car.

Test drives. That’s the only way to find out what’ll best fit the need.

If the person is not ambulatory, than you need to consider Joseph’s suggestion.

@Barkydog, this is for you.