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New car buying

I’ve had a Pontiac G6 for the last 4-1/2 yrs. I bought it new, the car has a perfect maintenance record, and it has served me well. However, I’m considering buying a new mid-size car. I don’t want to splurge, and thus luxury cars are out of the questions. My preference would be to buy American. Is there an American mid-size car out there that would be considered reliable and comparable to what I hear are more reliable foreign imports?

I would not worry about buying US vs non-US.

The most important thing on my list is maintenance. If you are buying a new car, then you can make it a long lasting trouble free car, but simply following the owner’s manual recommended maintenance schedule. If you are buying used, then … . Well have it checked by a trusted mechanic. There is no way to be totally sure about maintenance of a used car. Note: If you are buying an automatic, I suggest adding in a transmission fluid change every 30,000 miles, even if it is not listed in the owner’s manual.

As for US or import, I would not worry.  You can get both good and bad either way.   I would suggest buying what YOU want. 

You can check Consumer Reports magazine (most public libraries will have a copy).  Don't assume that they will have 100% accurate data but it is at least something.  Chances are something listed at the bottom of the list is not going to turn out great and a car listed last on their list is not likely going to be the best.  

Good Luck

There are enough good mid size cars on the market now; Ford Fusion (made in Mexico), Toyota Camry (made in Kentucky), Honda Accord (made in Ohio), Mazda 6 (Japan?), Chevy Malibu (USA), the new Buick Regal (USA).

As you can see, it does not mattter much which car is “Amercan”. The Buick Regal is such a nice car because it was designed by Opel in Germany.

As recommended, read Consumer Reports to get a better feel of these cars. All the above cars are considerably better than your Pontiac G6.

P.S. I would also add the Hyundai Sonata, built in the US.

Check Out The New Malibu. I Believe It Has A Rather High Owner Satisfaction Rating.

Bseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet. I’m with you on buying American !


Traditional US mid-sized cars worth considering are the Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu. Both will be very reliable since you perform maintenance as scheduled. The Buick Regal is a luxury car, but the other two can be purchased in luxury trim. Take a look at the Taurus. If it isn’t too large, consider it, too. A friend has had one as a rental for a month, and doesn’t want to give it back. It has the best performance he’s experienced in a 6-cyl. package.

What you consider to be American depends on your motivation. If it is to employ US workers, then almost any mid-size car except Euorpean models works. If you want to employ UAW workers, then the Taurus and Malibu are about it. The Fusion is assembled in Hermasillo, MX; the Taurus in Chicago, and the Malibu in Fairfax, KS.

Thanks for all the replies. When I said American I really meant GM (and its brands), Ford (and its brands) or Chrysler (and its brands). The only Chrysler car I ever bought was a Dodge Dart that cost me $500 when I was attending graduate school. I’m less inclined to buy Chrysler, though.

Agree; no one on this panel will recommend a Chrysler product, although at the time of the Dart, their products were tops! My first new car was a Dodge Dart and it lasted 13 years of hard driving.

Of course Chrysler is now ITALIAN and will share Fiat’s reputation from now on.

I wouldn’t recommend another" American Car" like yours. You’re dumping it after just a few years . I highly recommend you put on you list an American “made” Honda Accord or Mexican made, may be here by now, Ford Fusion. Most of the higher end marine equipment, generators,etc. are foreign powered and John Deere has many products made in India for many years. Why in heck should we care more about buying American than the corporations that sell you foreign products rehashed with American sounding names ?

I feel that this kind of buying preference mitigates the efforts of those who try to get the best bang for the buck and vote for quality goods with their purchases.

So really…you are only concerned if the car sounds like one of the old big three. If you belong to country club that only allows American cars to park there, I understand. Otherwise, you’re going down a road of corporate deceit and falling for press slogans instead of making knowledgeable purchases.

I don’t especially care which country makes the best car. It is the American way that whoever does better is supposed to be paid more, and when American cars were totally junk, it was not patriotic to buy them, only nationalistic. And, in fact, that was why they kept making junk so long. My Sienna was made in the USA. But, I have heard the Malibu is a pretty good car, not just the new ones, but in recent years in general.

I don’t know how many people who drive G6s can afford country club memberships, but I’m certainly not one of them. I want to buy American, and that’s my constitutional right!

What about a Cadillac CTS? They are quick, handle well, and are comfortable. You can even gdet them with a manual transmission. Sure, the price of admission to the club is around $40,000, but you can buy a gently used one for about $30,000.

No where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to buy goods made in the USA.
I don’t think I remember any section of it that deals with consumers rights at all.