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Best Tires for Honda Fit

We are going to drive cross country and live in sunny California. I was wondering what tires you would recommend for a 2007 Honda Fit Sport?
Where would you recommend getting them from?

Thank you in advance for your replies

My first choice would be a set of appropriate Michelins, check out for lots of info on the appropriate tires for your Fit.

I always buy Michelin’s. I bought my last set at Sam’s. But online you can compare prices. The problem with lots of tire places, is they say we will not warranty the tires unless you have an alignment. If your tires are wearing evenly and it’s not pulling to one side or the other, then you don’t need an alignment. is an excellent source for buying and/or researching tires.

I have a set of Yokohama S-Drive tires on my 2007 Fit Sport. They have done a great job for me; MPG is in the mid to upper 30s, and the tires are rather “sticky” going around curves and in the rain.

Good luck.

Buy American tires. Obama sez so. Or buy foreign tires from foreign owned company. Maybe that’s what Obama likes? Can never tell for sure.

It’s not a question of what tires are best for the Fit, the question is what tires are best for you. What is most important to you, initial cost, tread life, fuel economy, quiet ride, smooth ride, wet traction, dry traction etc.? You can’t have it all so prioritize your needs.

I would look at the tire ratings at and Consumers Reports (check your local library) for tires that best fit your needs, but I would buy them at a National chain where you can transfer the warrantee. Costco would be my #1 recommendation if you have a membership there.

@keith - the factory warranty transfers, regardless of where you buy it. Are you talking about a road hazard add-on?


walmart is great too if you are very price conscious. their house brand is pretty good. especially for light cars. look for douglas Xtra trac…gone are the days of $30 tires.

I have a 2008 Honda Fit Sport and in the last month junked my noisy, slapping, vibrational, irregular stock Dunlops when they only had 30k on them. I just couldn’t stand the noise and the bad performance in rain or snow, even though they are all season, supposedly. I bought the following for $60 each. So far they are a dream… “A” rated all around… directional for water dispersal. There is no warranty, and I have no idea how long they will last, but at this price I’ll be willing to buy another new set in 30 or 40 k. Hankook: Ventus V2 Concept H437 A good place to get them is I paid Honda dealer $15 a piece for installation and force balancing. They hug the road like you will not believe and the noise is so much less than those Dunlops. And we need noise reduction in our Honda Fits… particularly the 07 and 08 models. I have an 09 and which has much less noise, but I’ll be getting this tire for the 09 soon, also. These Dunlops suck.

Just got Hankook Ventus 195-55-15 V. There are a few more choices now than in previous years, but not all that many.

hankook? korean company? well, you got a honda which is japanese so i guess it dont matter.

My late brother ran, and now his son, runs a Hankook dealership. There were very few complaints and everyone like the value for money of Hankook tires.

Gone are the days of being concerned with Korean products - look at Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, etc.

Right now Chinese tires are in the ‘be careful’ category, we’ll just have to see if they can improve like the Koreans have.

There is no 'Best Tire"…You choose tires according to your driving needs…For the driving you described, “Touring Tires” as a group will do the job. All tire stores will try to upsell you to 'premium tires" which have a much better price point (for them)…Look for the tread wear rating, try to find tires with a rating of 500 or more…Costco sells Michelin’s and other brands made by Michelin and if you have their latest sale flier, there are good savings…Avoid tires with excessively high speed ratings…“S” or “T” is high enough for most drivers…H, V, & W is overkill in most cases. These high-speed tires are costly and tend to wear quickly…

I’ll disagree a bit. There’s usually a handling improvement moving from S/T to H rated tires, with a Fit Sport I’d go with H. The cost is not a lot more, the wear can be quite good, and the handling improvement is worth it. But that’s me.

Yeah, the “H” rated tires can offer the best overall value and performance and give a broader selection of tire to choose from…

I have been through the original Dunlops, replaced with a set of Michelin Pilot Exaltos
I thought the Michelins were the best tires I had ever had.
(Previously had a 96 Civic that went through Yokohamas, Nitto NT555, Continentals)
So I’ve been through quite a few brands and models.

When it was time to replace the Michelins, although they were great and lasted 40k miles, I couldn’t justify their $120 price. So I read a few reviews and decided on the Kumho Ecsta 4x at $93 a tire.

I have been blown away.

Compared to the Michelins
+They are quieter than the michelins.
+Handle much better in the Wet (Could be short term memory of worn out vs new tread)
-Handle slightly worse in the Dry
-Softer sidewall so a little more movement in corners.

Have to wait and see about tire wear as I’ve only had them 7k miles, but they still look good.