Best spark plugs out there?


I have a '01 Audi A6 2.7T. I’m about to change my spark plugs and I was wondering if somebody could recommend a good set of spark plugs. I want to try something other than stock.


NGKs. My humble opinion.

The parts store can tell you who the OEM manufacturer(s) is/are. Those always work good too.

I completely concur with Mountainbike…NGK’s are EXCELLENT plugs…OEM (who ever they…probably Bosch) are probably good too.

I generally use NGKs, Bosch, and Autolites with no problems. From your post it sounds like you’re considering a different type of plug in an attempt to aid performance and fuel mileage.
If this is the case then it won’t work. No trick or enhanced plug will work better than the stock ones.

One thing I have run into with NGKs: On certain applications, the plug threads aren’t exactly correct for that application. I first noticed that trying to install two plugs on my '70 HD shovelhead. I got a set of fart-o-lites (Autolite) and they went in perfectly. I took out an original set of Champions. No problems. For some reason, the NGK threads don’t go in exactly smooth, but only on a couple of applications. If you can’t turn those NGKs in by hand, and you need to crank down a little harder than ususal with a socket/ratchet, be very careful not to strip even a single thread. It’s been rare, but has happened. If you can’t get a good grip on the plugs, use a short piece of rubber hose, like fuel line, to help you get a handle on the plug. Than you still have a pretty true hand-tightening feel.

Watch out for the threads specially if you have an aluminum head. Also be gentle and dont at any cost cross thread the plugs. Use anti seaze. These things will probably be more important than the type of plugs you use, as long as they are OEM spec. or better.

Use the stock recommended plugs. The Audi is not a slug with them.

The standard name brands are all good. I would recommend OEM (What it came with or recommended in the owner’s manual) first and then NGK or Bosch second.

Last on the list would be any sort of fancy designer plugs that claim 200,000 thousand miles and the ability to fire under water with 17 electrodes.

Try the bosch platinum dual electrode spark plug.

the best spark plug are oem that came with your car.

you CAN pay twice for some fancy plug, platinum schmatinum, but your car really only has a need for th eoem plug.

if you are thinking about trying to get every last drop for mileage, then simply changing them for new oem plugs at 40 K intervals, and modifying your driving habits are the way to go.

sd others have said, what is specified in your manual?

i would go with OEM, but if you insist on something different i would go with boush platinum ( regular ones not plus or plus 4 ) NGKs or ok , but no way in the world would i put autolite in a lawnmower let alone my audi.

Use OEM and be happy and avoid any potential issues. I think you already know Audi’s will through a CEL with a sneeze of a fly. Why upset the happy balance and that engine is extremely powerful with its twin turbo setup anyway.