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Best shocks for 2005 Lexus GX 470

what are the best shocks for this car

The ones sold by the Lexus dealer.

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Assuming that you are going to have this done the shop will have sources and will guide you on the ride quality and price. It isn’t like there are special shocks for your car .

Most Toyota and Lexus shocks are made by KYB.

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Lexus doesn’t make struts/shocks. They’re supplied by a vendor.

All you have to make sure of is,the shock meets or exceeds the OEM’s specifications.


Yup. We replaced the struts on wife’s Lexus with KYB a couple years ago. Find a good independent and save yourself a lot of money. The KYB struts from either on-line or local parts store was almost 1/3rd the cost of same strut at dealer.

Looking at Rockauto, they only list Arnott and Cardone, not brands I’ve dealt with. Surprising there’s no name brands.

Arnott is an aftermarket suppliers located on the east coast of Florida. They typically use Eibach shocks. Eibach bought Edelbrock’s shock business a few years ago. (I have a buddy who works for them)

Cardone will pretty much be cheap Chinese knock-off shocks no one has ever heard of. Or possibly F-Tech (F&S America Inc.), a Chinese maker with a shock plant and engineering office in Ohio.