Best hood protector tucson

I just got my new tucson yesterday and my previous one had a lot of chips in it from the road. I think the white paint from Hyundai may have something to do with it. The new one is dusk blue. Any tips for a good hood protector?

These days a lot of people are using clear paint protective film. Doing a hood would be pretty easy, so you can apply it yourself. There are lots of instructional videos on the web.

The PPF on the hood of my daughter’s Tesla got a gouge in it from a sharp rock almost immediately after she bought the car, but the paint beneath the damaged clear film appears to be intact.

After a few years, if it gets chewed up or sun damaged, you just peel it up and put on a fresh sheet of PPF.

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Where do you purchase that and or get it done?

This is one of those things just made for Mr. Google. Put ( Hood protector film ) in your search engine . If you don’t want to do it yourself just call the closest auto detail shop . Also your dealer will have several places they use for this type of service.

Xpel is one of the bigger names and would cover various parts of the front end of your car, Or there’s a similar product by 3m among others

For Expel there are authorized installers (locally it’s the auto tint shop) that apply the product all the time. Might not look right if you tried to install yourself. $239.95 to cover the hood,mirrors, & fenders behind the front wheel. Plus installation.