Best bang for your buck

what high performance spark plug and spark plug wire is best for a 1964 ford galaxie? 5.8L/352 V8

Whatever was recommended by the factory is the best. A trick, high priced plug is not going to fire one bit better than a plain old inexpensive copper core plug and the same goes for trick high priced plug wires.

High performance and a stock 1964 Galaxie are oxymorons.

The ignition system isn’t high output, so a stock set of plug wires will be the best bang for the buck. And also a set of stock spark plugs would be the best bang for the buck for the same reason.


RF-11Y or F-11Y Champions , You change them along with the points every year or 12,000 miles…Check the dwell and timing every 6000 miles to keep your Ford running at peak performance…BF-42, BRF-42 Autolite will also work…

Generally the OEM plugs & wires are better than those fancy/expensive ones.