Best auto for a rural postal carrier


The ones I installed used a belt from the factory wheel over to the add on wheel and a master/slave cylinder to actuate the brakes and a bicycle brake cable to operate the accelerator. I first got involved with the hardware through a customer who needed a vehicle to teach the disabled how to drive with hand controls and the instructor needed to be able to take full control from the passenger seat. After installing that first unit the supplier referred postal carriers, etc to me. I made a quick search just now and saw similar units

but I don’t recall the source for those I installed. The equipment I dealt with was extremely well made and although several holes were drilled into the floor if the unit was removed there would be no obvious indication of the removal.


Thanks. That’s the one or similar to what I had found. Interesting.


A lot of times if someone doesn’t get the exact answer they want, they’ll get huffy and act offended. Sadly, we cannot guess what the answer is they are looking for all the time- especially if they’re like Susanne and don’t really ask a question to begin with.
She posted a product she’d bought(possibly spam) then I guess she was expecting us to know that she wanted to know what vehicle she should get for HER job without actually asking for advice, then got offended when we didn’t give her the advice she wasn’t asking us to give her.


Well, to be fair, I did see the not so obvious question buried in the post:

What’s missing is the direct question afterward- do you have a suggestion I should be looking for?
Some will make the inference, some will not…


I have been rural carrier for over 5 years and have been using a Honda CRV. I used seat belt extenders and drove sitting in the middle almost in the passenger side but I am short and petite. The CRV works great however mine is on its last leg. I am buying a Honda Element tomorrow. Will let you know how that goes.


Its definitely possible and it happens every day. I drive a 2006 chevy impala. It has a bench seat and I drive it from the right side using controls on the left to deliver out of the passenger window


Postal rural carriers are “trained professionals” and are taught to drive this way. They are covered by Postal bylaws to be allowed to deliver this way. How is it reckless? If you only had a left hand and left foot you would have to drive that way. Handicapped people that have no legs drive with gas and brake pedal shifters on the wheel. Do you always keep both hands on the wheel?


I saw one carrier once that had what looked like a metal seat on a slide and all he’d have to do is slide himself over to the passenger side to deliver the mail, then swing back again to drive. Ford has the police units so maybe GM can fill one of their empty plants with some right hand drive units. Must be a little market for them.:grin:


Actually, RCA’s have a separate union from CCA’s and are considered “actual postal workers”. The USPS manages our paychecks like any other employer, we are offered insurance plans and are given an EMA each time we run a route. Our union protects us in the event of an accident. The box truck drivers that bring bulk mail from the plant to the rural offices are independent contracts.


Best auto for a rural postal carrier

Thanks. So, in summary, which car is the best car for rural mail delivery?