RHD Postal vehicle

I live in Minerva, Ohio. I was recently hired as a TRC, “temporary route carrier” for the US Postal Service. TRC means I don’t work every day. I don’t want to spend my earnings on a new car just for work. I have been using my lovely 2000 Honda Odyssey. I started work in Dec. and already my hill holder and traction assistance system are shot. I also have a big scrape on the body. I would like to locate a “CHEEP” RHD, “right hand drive” vehicle - Close To Home. Can anyone help me out??

Although they have not been sold in the US for several years, Subaru used to market a RHD version of the Legacy station wagon in the US. I think if you do some “googling” and if you do a search of e-bay’s site, you should be able to locate at least a few used RHD Legacy wagons.

That being said, I would not buy a vehicle–sight unseen–via the internet, but it is just possible that one of the available vehicles might be in your neck of the woods.

About 2 minutes of “googling” resulted in this RHD Legacy, located in “SW Ohio”:

If you are thorough in your search, I can virtually guarantee that you will find others.

Post offices will occasionally “sell off” vehicles to the public when they’re replaced. Start by checking with your post office to see if they have any upcoming sales. And they’re scheduled to close 2000 rural post offices this year, so they just might be.

You could also do a search for these trucks.
There were some for sale in our local town for about $6500. They were right hand drive. Someone is importing them into the states. Be sure they’re road legal in your state before putting money down.

Many of the Star Route carriers (contractors) have RHD vehicles that occasionally are offered for sale…They used to have a monthly publication…There once was a guy in Evergreen, Colorado who rebuilt Subaru wrecks and as a sideline converted Subaru’s to RHD by importing the necessary parts from a dealer in Australia. He did not change the dash, just the steering rack, column and pedals…I believe the conversion price was around $2500

The Postal Service once sold those POS Postal Jeeps but now they use LLV’s, Long Life Vehicles that seem to last forever. But now and then they get wrecked so maybe you could find one. Ask your local postmaster where the Fleet Service Center is. That’s where you will find them. Those old Postal Jeeps, very rare now, were death traps…

Include in your search the excellent CRV which our post office uses. The ride height is ideal and it’s tough as nails, according to them. I think in your search, you’l find rear and awd vehicles more appropriate for this heavy use. That makes it really tough to use much otherwise. Unless you’re getting paid enough to make this expense worth while, it may be a job you can do without.
For temp use, I would look into a used compact suv and get adaptive right hand peddles only instead of rhd vehicles.