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I need a reliable, cheap vehicle for rural route

I am a substitute rural mail carrier. I’m in need of a reliable van or SUV for under $4000. I have driven an Aerostar and a Town & Country the past 11 years. Would like an improvement. Maybe 4WD or AWD. Snow has been a problem. Thanks!

Ford Explorers are a dime a dozen on Craigslist in my area. As to reliability, that is a big question mark but I would choose one over a Jeep. Under $4000 I don’t think will buy you a Honda or Toyota.

What about a small pickup with a cap on the bed? Ford Rangers are plentiful and well-made for the price.

None of the many rural mail carriers in my region drive vans or SUVs. They all drive sedans, just about every make/model ever sold. Are you certain a van or SUV is required?