Best aftermarket timing belt / waterpump for 2000 Honda Accord

Best aftermarket timing belt and water pump for a 2000 Honda Accord 2.3 vtech engine?

Whatever’s cheap.

There’s not really much point in buying a “premium” timing belt because you’re going to have to change it at the prescribed interval anyways. Maybe the OEM or some fancy brand would last twice as long, but it’s academic because you’re not going to leave it in there that long.

I wouldn’t go with real cheap…because they may not last the required interval.

But I found very little difference price for timing belts. I either use Gates or OEM and the OEM belt was $2 more then the Gates.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for your answer.

Any name branded part from an established parts house will work fine and keep the following in mind.
The Honda factory OEM belts and water pumps are technically aftermarket also because these parts are subcontracted out to a supplier just like many other parts on the car and this is true of all car makers.

Many times an original OEM part is manufactured by the same company who will produce them for say an ABC parts house under an XYZ name. Same part, different package and/or stamping.