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Berryman's Chemtool

I have read about Chemtool on this site about how it is okay to use in an automatic transmission and how it cleans up gum and varnish quickly. I read where some people add a can every 3,000 miles. My car is a '57 Chrysler with a torqueflite transmission. My questions is this: Is it okay to leave the Chemtool in the trans or should the trans be drained at some point and fresh ATF put in ? thank you.

I never knew Berryman’s could be used in a transmission. The Berryman’s web site doesn’t even list a trans additive. I personally would not put a solvent meant to remove oils and their residue in an automatic transmission.

While I don’t know about Chemtool in particular, I can’t imagine adding anything every 3000 miles to a tranny.

Here’s one of the discussions poppicat’s referring to:

Pour it in there and leave it. Click on texases link. That thread will explain everything and show you exactly what to buy.


Carb and injector cleaner in a 54 year old automatic transmission??

Should this transmission need rebuilding, are the parts still available to do it??

I agree that the type of things that have gone on in the past 54 years are more revelant than what you do with this Chemtool product at this point.

I think every 3k miles is a bit much. A one time deal as a possible cure for a comparatively minor transmission hiccup is fine and yes, leave it in there.

If the transmission is working right, you shouldn’t want to pour that paint thinner into it. If there is a slipping problem, go ahead, it works. I just bought a can to put in my fuel tank when I hit the highway soon. It’s much cheaper than Sea-Foam.

Great old car consider Sea foams trans treatment… Or my favorite choice: ATP Synthetic Friction Modifier.
Adding a fluid that the manufacture does not recommend for your trans is like adding dirt to your breakfast- you can eat it but you will likely suffer verses adding cereal…
Consider contacting Berryman ask them about doing it before you do they should have very insightful information for you.

As near as I can tell, Berryman makes no automatic transmission additives…Pouring a powerful solvent like Barryman’s B-12 into a transmission is asking for trouble in my opinion…

I have been using it in automatics for many years and have never, ever (Not even once) had an instance where it damaged a transmission. I learned this from an old retired trans tech who used it for many years before me. I have used it in my own transmission, customers transmissions, and I would not hesitate using it in any of my family members. I would never tell anyone to put anything in their automatic that I feel would harm it in any way. Now, if you want to talk about an additive wreaking havoc on an automatic, try Lucas. I would push my car to the shop before adding a bottle of that gooey mess to my trans. I have a special vat in my shop used only for Lucas infected transmissions. Lucas will definitely make a rebuilder earn his money. LOL


Oh, I should clarify. I use the B-12 in transmissions that suffer from hardened clutch piston seals to soften the seals and bring back hydraulic integrity, I dont use it as a regular every day additive. The only additive I recommend for every day use in automatics is a product called Lube Gard. All my rebuilds leave the shop with a bottle of Lube Gard Red in them.

I first used B-12 in some automatics probably 25 years ago and have never seen a problem with doing this.
Of course the B-12 was only added to help along a very subtle problem that may exist. It was never meant to be a miracle solution to a fried transmission nor an additive that one dumps in there just for the heck of it.

I agree with ok4450. I have used this quick fix for a few of my older vehicles. I leave it in until I change the transmission fluid at around 30k. A few months ago I changed the transmission fluid in my wife’s faithful 93 Olds Cutlass Ciera and did not add Berryman’s Chemtool like I did 3 years ago. The vehicle still went right into gear and shifted normally. I used the Berryman’s becaused the transmission would not shift into drive or reverse in very cold weather until the engine warmed up a little. The transmission is still working fine 5 months later. If it acts up again…I will feed it another can of Berryman’s Chemtool without hesitation.