Bent Rim


My 1990 Toyota Corolla needed an alignment job and a new set of tires, so I took it over to Les Schwab tires and they fixed me right up. Now I car drive through large puddles without worry and the car drives straight.

There was one problem, the car had some wobble in the front end I noticed while driving on flat, smooth pavement. I took it back to Les Schwab, and for no charge they told me they took it for a drive and then checked it out and found one of the front rims to be bent. (I can’t say how much, he didn’t say.) The guy said he stuck it on the rear and offered to sell me a new one for $30.

I’m wondering if anyone can give me an info on bent rims. I guess you can’t tell it’s bent just by looking at it, only by measuring or something.

Dents can often be found visually and always on any spin balancer.

$30 is cheap for a replacement rim. I’d go for it.

It sounds like the rim isn’t that bent if it is still holding air. However, $30 is a really good price for a replacement rim. You should go for it.

Sometimes you cannot see the damage on a rim.
$30 is good but make sure it matches so you can install the wheel cover. If it is alloy make sure it matches.
For $30 this is not a new or even a reman rim. It will be a used rim.

It’s a used rim on there so no problem going used. I had two of them bent causing a slight wobble at highway speeds. A couple used rims took care of it. $30 is very reasonable.