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Bent front crossmember

I’m looking at 2006 truck with a bent front crossmember. After alignment, readings still slightly out of range. Seller says only problem might be speedier wear on one tire. Anything else I should worry about? Safety issues? I’ll put less than 10,000 miles/year on the truck.

You’ll need a mechanic to examine it carefully. That said, I’d never buy a vehicle that has been wrecked and not fully repaired.

There’s a strong possibility it’s got a bent frame. You should get this one checked out not just by a mechanic, but by a body shop too.

It’s anybody’s guess as to how bad this could be or how much it would cost to sort it all out.

It’s pretty common for a vehicle to take a hard whack in a collision and the body shop guys do the superficial repairs and call it good frame and suspension wise unless it’s just very blatant.

For the right price this truck is a maybe and right price means heavily discounted.

Make sure the truck is not a salvage title.