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Bent flywheel?

my suv had a busted starter. according 2 mechanic “it was broken apart @ bell housing”-whatev that means?? it was replaced, but now its “dragging.” d mech says its caused by a “bent flywheel.” which could have busted the original starter. is this possible?? ive heard of worn out, or teeth missing, not bent. the suv has had no abuse events that could cause this, other than city commuting. the suv just stalled one day, it was jumpstarted-w/out success, only to have it backfire and cause all this damage.

try a google search…here’s a site

What kind of vehicle is this and is it a manual or automatic transmission?

Any chance this is a GM product with an auto?

My brother owned a 76 Volare’. I replaced the starter on that car about 4 times in a 6 month period. Turned out to be a warped fly-wheel. Chryco was having a lot of problems with those back then. So yea I’ve heard about it. It does happen…hopefully not too often though.