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Starting Noise - 1997 Honda CRV AWD 60,000 miles, second owner

When I turn the key in the morning, the car starts with the noise of a flywheel spinning. The car starts fine, but I am concerned about the condition of the starter. Any thoughts?

The car starts without the noise later in the day.

What sound does a spinning flywheel make?

1st thing I would do is clean all connections from battery to starter,POS and NEG. I always tell people with anything over 6-8yrs to check under coating of red-hot wire from battery for green crud.
When you do this take off starter and look at gear and shaft it runs on for dry look or wore parts.
If you or friend does this it is free and as far as 1st part being a 97 it needs cleaning any how.
I guess what I am saying is do not run out and buy a new starter just because it makes a noise.
Also make sure starter was tight before removing, more I think about it t5ry to tighten it first.
Yes my brain works a little different. LOL

As a kid, there were these toy rings you put on your finger and blew into them to make a sound with a spinning blade. I don’t know if you remember those, but that is the sound a spinning flywheel makes. Like a fan blade spinning with one blade grazing the protective housing all the way around its path.

Thank you, I will try your suggestions.

Sounds like the starter solenoid is not allowing the gear to disengage from the flywheel or maybe it’s disengaging but there is still power going to the motor after it’s disengaged. Either way, sounds like it might be the solenoid sticking. I don’t know if the solenoid can be cleaned and / or replaced without replacing the motor. Used to be able to do either.

Thank you, that is the most intelligent answer yet. I will look into it.

I had the same problem/noise with a 2000 Blazer. The starter solenoid would stick occasionally when the temp was below 30 degrees. It was fixed by replacing the starter.

Ed B.