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Belt slipping and screech

96 dodge caravan: whenever you turn on the heater/air cond fan, the compresser belt(the only thing on that belt)screaches and squiles off and on, generally less when its cold more after it warms up. off and on down the freeway or sitting in the parking lot. as soon as you turn off the fan it stops immediatly. you can see the belt spin on the stopped compressor pulley. the air conditioning works ok in the summer, not great but ok. some say its a bad compressor, some say its the clutch on the compressor, i say "why does the heater FAN have ANYTHING to do with the air cond compressor? can i just take the belt off? i took it too the shop and they charged me big bucks to replace the belts and claimed it was fixed. that was before i figured out where and why and when the belt slips. can a guy replace the clutch fairly easy? thats the cheapest part. and no its not a loose belt or worn belt. thanks

A lot of cars run the AC while the heat is on. Cooling the air removes the humidity so that the windows don’t fog up.
Most cars only do this when you have the heat setting on defrost.

If the belt only drives the compressor you can remove it or you can unplug the electrical connection to the clutch.

ok thanks, i will try those options for now until i can get to a air cond shop. up here in alaska its not a big draw