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Belt squeal

Whenever I turn on the A/C my car makes a loud but brief intermittent belt squeal. This squeal comes and goes frequently during the drive, whenever the A/C is on. There is no noise with the A/C turned off. My car has the old-fashioned V-belts.

I replaced the belts, hoping they were the problem, but the squeal continues even with the new belts. I am hoping I don’t have to replace the compressor.

It’s more likely to bea belt tension issue. Are you sure the new belt is tight enough?

It might still be that the belt is loose but it might also be the compressor is seizing. I had this happen on a couple of Oldsmobiles. The compressor seizes and the engine keeps trying to turn it. Eventually, it burns through the belt. You’re hearing the squeal each time the compressor cycles on because of the loose belt or seizing compressor.

Check the belt tension but if that’s not the case then you’re looking at replacing the compressor. I chose to use a rebuilt compressor at the suggestion of the dealership. It seized up in less than 2 years. I replaced it with a new one and that help up much longer.

I suggest letting the experts do any A/C work, or roll your windows down and hope for an early autumn.