Dodge Dakota 01
Broke belt, sqeeking, squealing, smoking by AC compressor, starts but don’t stay running

If the belt is broken, how is it squealing? If the vehicle won’t run, how does the belt squeal?

If you meant it squealed and then broke, I’d suspect your AC compressor is seized. If it starts but doesn’t stay running even with the belt off, then we need more information to address that problem. Got spark? Fuel?

Yes it broke, we put a new one on and its squealing when it starts, just won’t stay running
It looks like the belt burn up
And just filled up, didn’t leave the gas station had to be pulled home
Thanks so much

You didn’t say which engine…but…

Something that the belt spins…ISN’T…( spinning )
when the belt is off the pulleys…
and… With the a/c OFF… that pulley should free spin…Does it ?
Alternator, tensioners and water pump too, should free spin.
( the power steering won’t free spin due to it’s fluid pressure )

Your brief description almost sounds like the a/c clutch pulley is locked. ( or the comressor , and you have the a/c engaged while attempting to run )
The belt being driven around a pulley that isn’t spinning is your squeel. that pulley not turning is the resistance that drags the idle downt to stall and melts the belt.

I’d vote for the compressor locking up too. I had that happen on my Olds and it was the beginning of the end. Luckily it had a separate AC belt but just couldn’t get the remaining belt to stop sqealing first thing in the morning.

I’m really just a dumb girl and my trucks names Harry
I don’t know much about vehicles at all and yeah Idk which engine it is but all thatsounds good
yes when the belt was off the pulleys it spun and I think when we put a new belt on it,it spun too, I don’t know about the other things alternator and what not and no the AC wasn’t on but maybe before it went bad
Everything seemed to mess up all at once
Others are saying the AC thing too so probably and it was smoking around it
Is there a way I could tell if it is the clutch pulley or if its the compressor, do they both need changed??
Thanks again

And what do u think about a bypass belt?? Someone had mentioned it to me

A bypass kit will include a bracket with a pulley that is attached where the AC compressor mounts now. You remove the old compressor and bolt this unit to it.
Then the original belt can still be attached.

I did one once but don’t remember what the cost was.

You will also need the exact engine size…which can be found on the info tag under the hood.


You can bypass it, but does the truck run without the belt on?

If you can bypass the AC compressor and still properly turn everything else, by all means do it. Harry won’t be cool but he will run just fine.