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Being shoved while in park, damaging or just rude?

While shoveling out my driveway after the recent ice & snow storm here in Iowa, I observed a Ford F150 4WD pickup pull up along side the curb to park, and noting he did not have enough room, proceed to shove a smaller pickup three feet ahead! My question is twofold: (1)what kind of damage does this do to the automobile being shoved while it is in park, and (2) if I could find out who the little pickup belonged to, should I say anything? The owners might even know each other, but I know neither of them.

Most times there is no damage. Talking won’t often do you any good.

On snow or ice there will likely be no damage, but it could cause damage. In addition it is likely to damage the bumper or whatever part made contact. I certainly were be upset if it happened to my car. If I saw it happen I would likely leave a note.

Very rude!!

I think you should leave a note. Let them know what happened. If you have the pusher’s license plate number, leave that, too. The pushee needs to get the truck checked to see if there is any damage. His insurance may cover this incident.

Definetly leave a note - and call the police and file a report.

The idiot in the truck belongs in jail for that stunt.

Call the police. A report needs to be filed to make this clown responsible for what he’s done. The skid marks will be there for the cop to enter into the report.

Technically, he’s hit a parked car as a minimum. And yes, there could be damage.

Without a doubt…nail his butt to the wall. Such behavior may only be the tip of the iceberg with respect to what ever else this inconsiderate jerk might be pulling off.

You can call this in to the cops. Ask them to call the offender and give him a talking to. He might think twice before doing it again.

Rude, yes. Probably illegal too. Damage is possible, even if car was sliding on snow pack. I would note license plate and vehicle description and include your name/number to put on the winshield. You local police might appreciate a call. Folks who do stuff like are likely to cut other corners as well… no registration, no insurance, drugs…

No probably about it…at the very least if intent can’t be proven, he left the scene of an accident. It’s an offense that could cost him dearly if there is any discernible damage that can be proven by his act. If intent was involved…possible criminal mischief.

It’s very important that such acts never go unpunished…otherwise, the street parking becomes bumper car mentality. Word spreads fast among the locals…esp. the kids.

Consider the liability of the witness if unreported and an accident occurs because of damage to the truck. There is a list of reasons far reaching and real to compel Mr. concerned citizen to get involved.

Not only that, but the next car that gets rammed, may be his.

The prime detriment to criminal acts, is the certainty of being caught.

The most frustrating part of police work is the unwillingness of the uninvolved citizen in reporting these “minor” acts.

Remember too, that as soon as you witnessed the act, you are no longer “uninvolved”.

in the pushed truck is a manual then damage to the drivetrain is unlikely, if an automatic then it is possible to shear off the parking cog in the tranny.