Beer coolers

Sorry! I was using my beer cooler when I was discussing fire extinguishers & my “sometimers disease” kicked in. Seriously, I’ve seen several times when it made a big difference. 1/ camping trip- guys next site had tent fire, 2/ trash can fire at gas station, 3/ cookout party- grill knocked over. I’ve seen comments that getting away is safest. Judgement call. It’s not just about your car,it’s about where your car is when something happens. Repeat, I’m never without one,(got one in my camper too).


“Repeat, I’m never without one, (got one in my camper too).”

Which, a fire extinguisher or a beer cooler? (-;

That beer cooler is damned heavy when full!

Next question: Full of what? Beer or water?

I would not suggest trying to put out a fire that was approaching the gas tank for example, but one in the engine compartment, IF you can get the hood open safely (remember that opening a hood may create quite a flame as the fire gets more air) then use it, likewise if another life is in danger, but don't put yourself in danger to save a few dollars.

If you drink all the beer in that beer cooler in one night, W/O a doubt you will have trouble “putting out the fire” the next morning.

Counteract the firewater by drinking water or soda in between brewskis. Alcohol dehydrates the body, and hydration during the evening will reduce dehydration. Have another glass of water every couple of hours during the night when you get up to drench the fire.

Speaking of drenching the fire, back in 1970 abouts me and 2 friends took off on a road trip in my ‘61 Karman Ghia. When we got to our destination there was a small fire in the engine compartment. I swear to god we put it out by taking a leak on it. We coulda’ got electrocuted! (Or something) If we’da had a fire extiguisher I wouldn’t have been able to tell this story.

That’s funny, that’s what you do when you’re tired of sinking money into it too.

12 volts isn’t enough to electrocute anybody. However, if the engine were still running, peeing on the coil would have given you a real tingle.