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Beep beep beep

I heard you already!! I keep geeting this message on information center " service for wheel drive switch", I own a 95 jeep grd chero. 4.0
can i do ths one myself or do i need a pro in shop to service?
I have no idea ware to start. Appreciate any advice.

“I have no idea ware to start. Appreciate any advice.” My best advise is to find a Jeep-specific forum and ask there. My next best advise is to get a factory service manual for your Jeep. These have the troubleshooting steps and repair steps to do every repair on your truck. Even if it costs $100, you’ll make that up with the first DIY repair vs taking it to a shop. And, you can read for yourself if it is a repair you feel you can tackle.

Common problem

I have a haynes repair manuel but it has no mention of a 4 wheel drive sswitch. I did however, watch a episode on repair the 4 wheei drive switch on you tube but it was on a 2000 something chevy silverado which was located in rhe rear differencial. Now its a different make and model but closet i found.

I just wonered if any one knew any more. Seems i cant find the one i saw anyhow.
As far as jeep, …They want a subscript for any good information you may be searching for.

bleepinjeep on you tube

Haynes manuals are decent in general, but in no way comparable to a factory service manual. Here’s one available on eBay:

The Haynes, Chiltons manuals are definitely better than no manual at all. The info in those aftermarket manuals seems like it is often directly from the factory service manuals. And sometimes, because they are less comprehensive, for simple jobs its easier to find what you are looking for.

The problem this type of manual is to take advantage of economy of scale, they cover several model years of the same car. The effect is the directions are often confusing and create work for the DIY’er that doesn’t even need to be done. And of course to keep the manual to the allotted number of pages, they are forced to leave quite a bit of information out.

For example, the aftermarket manual for my early 90’s Corolla said to remove the throttle body you have to depressurize the fuel rail first. But that isn’t necessary on my model. There’s no involvement with the fuel rail and the throttle body removal. If I had blindly followed that advice I’d have had an extra hour or more work to do, and for no reason. Plus I might have broken something in the process. Fortunately I referred to my factory service manual before following that advice.

I concur fully with @BustedKnuckles … DIY’ers who want to do more than just the routine maintenace jobs of changing the oil, the air filter, spark plugs, etc, especially if diagnosis of the sort required by the OP question is involved, these DIY’er would do well topurchase the factory service manual. Over the typical ownership time of the car, a good deal of money will be saved if you have that info at hand.

There are alternatives of course. “Motor” manuals are abridged factory service manuals geared to the specific info professional mechanics need, and often available at public libraries. Sometimes specific info is already posted on the internet and all you have to do is Google. And the complete info in the factory service manual is often made available by the manufacturer via the internet for free or a small fee if you just want to see it over the course of a few days. And there’s a compact version of the factory service manual on the internet data base “AllData”, which a DIY’er can often view for free from a public library computer, or can be viewed from a home internet connection for a small fee. Due to a bone-head move on my part, I don’t have a factory service manual for my truck, so that’s the method I use for that vehicle.

The Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual has a section on this topic too.

And i thank you so much for the insight. See what i can come up with.

let us know what happens. I have a 90 Cherokee 4.0. sorry I did not chip in much, I was under the weather. there is a site called bleepinjeep that has a youtube channel with excellent videos on most jeep repairs

thanks wesw, i did try that also, but no luck …