1990 Jeep Cherokee

I need to replace the rear gears on my sons cherokee. I have the Chilton & Haynes manual. Neither one shows the procedure to change out the rack and pinion gear. What manual is suggested to look up the information? Where do I get it.

Thank for any help.


Make that ring and pinion.Have you ever set up a ring and pinion before? Get connected to a Factory Service Manual…somehow and go through the special tools needed not extreme but maybe a deal breaker.AlldataDIY? library?.I understand the need to save money and DIY

Are the ring and pinion gears worn? Or do you wish to change the axle ratio? The carrier bearings are prone to failure on your Cherokee but rarely damage the gears. It is possible to fabricate a spanner to turn the carrier adjuster. And AllData DIY is likely worth the cost.

I have found a complete rear end at junk yard. But it is for a cherokee without abs brakes. I thought I would pull the rear end out and swap it to my sons jeep. That is why I wanted the manual. I have not done a rear end swap far a very long time and then it was somewhat easy as I remember it as just a R&R. I would like to let my son do most of the work on this and just tell him how to do it while I stand and watch.Ha Ha Like that will happen. I do not want to change the ratio at all as I think I would have to change the front as well. The reason for the repair is a very load grinding noise in rear end. i do not know exactly what it is and have not taken the rear plat off to see. I wanted to line up the book before I got into it to see if I was able to do the work and what tools were needed. This car is in perty good condition otherwise. I am finding it hard to teach a kid how to take care of a car and this is one that I think he can do most of the work on. The car is older than he is. I will look for factory book.

Thanks for any Help


I don’t know about the Cherokee, but the difficulty can vary quite a bit from make to make, with some requiring several specialized tools and adjustments. So the axle from the junk yard is incompatible with ABS? You can’t just swap the axles?

I can swap the axles but then have to use the axles and backing plates swap out as well and if I go that far then I should do all new seals and bearings. A lot more work but looking at the rear end today I see that you may not be able to pull out the complete rack and pinion in one piece and swap. I did find a book on ebay but do not know if it will have the info i am looking for. Thanks for the help

I’m asking because I did something similar to a (much simpler) 1972 Plymouth in my dorm parking lot! Diff failed, I got a replacement rear axle assembly at the junk yard, swapped out brake system, ready to go in about 2 hours.

yep,put the rack gear in the rear diff.

then guess what?

you have rear steer.(cool huh?)

Last post on this. I got the axel from junk yard and it does not look 19 years old. so am going to open plate to check what the gear ratio is. (New post for that Question) The junk yard took off the ID plate so do not know what they sold me. I may have to open the old rear end and count the teeth to see if they match up.
Thank for everyone’s help.


WHY do that ?

when you can mark the driveshaft,and spin the wheels,and do a little MATH.


I can tell you any ratio u need,with no work.

by the way your last post was CUTE,act stupid?

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one mans opinion.

vwfuedoor, Thanks for nice words, I think. I have not done this type of work for 40 years. When I was a teen working in a garage I fixed a few axel bearings and some rear end swaps. But when I was able to buy my first car the information and tech stuff had passed me buy and I could only take the car to a dealer to fix. Now I got a kid that I would like to pass on some of the stuff I learned and believe me is is not easy to teach the old stuff when the kids only want to play on the computers now days. I realy wanted to make shure that I had all of my ducks in a row before making my kid do all of this work or I would never hear the end to it. By the way I had to open the rear plate anyway to check the gears for wear and if their was any metal filings in the case.

Thanks for the kind words (maybe)