(BCM) Body Control Module sudden lost of memory in a 2000 GM Buick Reagl

Parked the car overnight and in the morning could not start the car. Mechanic said the BMC memory was completely lost. I would like to avoid this happening again. Car battery is 6 months old and strong. What would cause a total memory loss in a BCM when parked in a lot overnight.

How did you fix the loss of memory problem? Did you replace the BCM or did you have it flashed? If it had it replaced (best option) then the problem was probably permanently corrected. If you simply had it flashed then the problem will most probably return. Just let us know what happens.

I don’t think I recall anyone ever asking this question before. BCM looses its memory and won’t allow car to start? About the only thing I can think of is there was some kind of power surge or interruption. Please let us know how you resolve it OP.