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My car lost it's memory

Hyundai Tucson 2005 sat outside for 10 days in summer heat and two days of thunder and lighting. I am original owner and this car has always started and runs great. After sitting for 10 days, it would not start. The motor turned well by the starter but no ignition. Towed to my mechanic and explanation was the electronic control memory was wiped clean. It took two hours of reprogramming and $170.00 to get it working. There was no need to replace any electrical components and at present the car is running fine. My question is what caused this? How could an on-board computer memory spontaneously be erased, and will this trouble reappear down the road.

This is becoming more of a problem than people are aware of. If the battery voltage drops to certain point or is non-existant it can cause all sorts of problems. Read this:

You got off cheap for $170.00!


I have seen this happen. You are very lucky. It was most likely a EM pulse caused by a close lighting strike. This happen at car dealer I used to work for. 2 cars had burn marks on them. They needed new computers. They did not get fixed. 1 needed to be reprogramed. I also had this happen to a laptop. The lighting hit 50 to 100 feet from me. I was in garage with the door open the laptop lost all of its OS. Though I did too. LOL. Cars are not shielded from this. Tester is right too, a low or dead battery will cause this too. But you said it sill had power and would turn over. If you had to use jumpers or charge the battery then I would say Tester has it right.

Long term who knows. Could be a problem next week or never. Check out solar flares and what my happen to your car.