1999 Accord ex v6 Wont start! PLEASE HELP!

My car died about a week ago. At first it seemed like it was just the battery. I would go to start my car and i would just get a whole bunch of clickclickclick**click. Then id jump start it and off I go. I thought it was the battery so I bought a new one and the car worked perfectly fine for a week after I bought the new battery. It died again and the same thing happened, id tried to start my car and just get clickclickclick**click. I jump start it again, with the new battery, and it worked fine. I drove to autozone to get a diagnostic and on the way there all my headlights died, even the high beam. I got to autozone and they said I had a bad alternator. I left autozone and went home. I accidently turned off the car at home and jump started it again. I sat in the car for a few minutes and noticed the battery was emitting a foul rotten egg(sulfur) smell, so i looked it up and found out it was dangerous because the battery could blow up. So i turned the car off. I had to move my car so I tried starting my car again and it started perfectly without having to jump it. I left it on the side of the road for the night. The next morning I went to autozone and got a new alternator. I charged my battery and put in the new alternator. Tried starting my car and got nothing. At first I was getting a single click from the starter but then when i kept trying to start my car, I no longer got a click. So i thought maybe the battery wasnt charged fully. I took the battery to autozone and they said it was charged fully but it was a bad battery…which I didnt understand because i just bought it barley a week ago.( I took the battery back to battery plus and they said it was frozen and could not wrranty me it). So at this moment I concluded it MUST of been the starter, I tried hitting the starter with a hammer while my girlfriend turned the key and the starter would make a rattling noise. So i went back to autozone, bought a new starter, put it in and NOTHING CHANGED. Car still didnt start. But I did get a loud click from the starter EVERY time i tried starting the car.

I asked around and got a few suggestions but I am still stumped.
I was told that the ground wires for my batter and my starter could be bad, low oil levels could be the cause, or I could have bought a faulty starter.

I don’t know what to do at this moment. Can anyone help me out?

Yes, you can have a fully charged battery that is nevertheless bad

You can charge it, but as soon as you ask it to do anything, it falls flat on its face

it can’t hold the charge properly

could the bad/frozen battery be whats effecting the start up?

If you know the battery is bad, replace it

Here’s an idea . . . go to a different autozone, with the receipt, and the battery. Perhaps they’ll replace it under warranty

Got nothing to lose

sounds like a good idea

if it turns out not to be the battery, what else?

When you took the battery back to batteries plus and they said it was frozen, did you buy a new one? If you did, did you buy it from them? If so, why?

Have you inspected the battery cables and all the ground cables? BTW a battery can have a defect internally where one of the intercell connectors or the internal connection to the terminal has a hairline crack in it. It has enough of a connection so that the battery reads good on a voltmeter, but it will not pass enough current to operate the starter. This is a factory defect and not a frozen battery.

Get a voltmeter. What is battery voltage as installed, and then when trying to start?

Bad battery can be load tested at autozone. If your cables are corroded at the posts then power can’t flow to starter. Grounds need to be clean and tight.