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Battery Warranties

If you want to collect on a battery warranty at one of these chain places, do you need the sales receipt, or do they just go by information recorded on the battery case?


How old is the battery?


Did you give them your info like phone number ? Auto Zone’s nationwide warranty has you in the database . . . my daughter warrantied a Washington DC purchase here in NM with just her phone number on record.
So many of the chains are the same way.
What info did you give at purchase ? Go to the same chain and ask. ( different companies / different policies )

Most of the time they have date stickers on the battery to provide for issues such as yours, be aware many times it is a depreciated value based on battery age.

Exactly Which Place?

Yes, be ready for the pro-rata warranty. . . .ie; dollars paid per time of usage.
Example our Motorcraft 100 month warranty is ;
3 years free replacement then pro-rate through the remaining 64 months.

Even though all batteries have a date of manufacture code pressed into the case everyone requires some confirmation that the person seeking the warranty replacement or refund is in fact the original purchaser.

Walmart goes off the sticker if you don’t have the receipt. You lose whatever difference there is between the sticker date and the receipt.

I try and buy them from Costco, they have you in their computer and do not need a receipt for return. They also don’t test is, so technically you can return it within the full warranty period, get a new one for the inflation adjusted new price.