Ac Delco battery

Is the ac delco advantage battery any good in cold weather? It only has 580 cca I heard it’s a good battery but how will it do in cold weather has anyone had experience with them

Only a few companies manufacture batteries, then they are sold under many different brand names.
First, check which group size your car takes, then check available batteries.
Example group size 35 can are available from 500 CCA to 640 CCA.
Then you can make a decision looking at price and warranty.

The simple answer to your question, that brand is fine.


Did you use an online chart to see what battery fits your vehicle ? Even Walmart has one and their batteries are just fine .

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Check the date of manufacture. Don’t buy a battery that has been on the shelf for more than a few months. The warranty is based on the date of manufacture, not the date you buy it. If the battery is 2 years old when you buy it and it has a three year warranty, you only have a year remaining.

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Advance Auto web site says the battery warranty starts at date of purchase .

It seems that is normal for most battery sellers .


Car battery warranties are from the date of purchase.

Some batteries have a date sticker that indicates the month/year of purchase.

Or, the retailer will scribe the date on the battery with an engraver.

Or, you’ll be told to hold on to the receipt for warranty replacement.


I do that, but when I returned to AutoZone for a battery test–and a free replacement battery when my old one failed the test during the warranty period–they had all of my info in their data base, including the correct date of purchase. If AutoZone does this, it is entirely possible that Advance and O’Reilly do the same thing.

That works if the battery is brought back to the store it was purchased from.

But not if the battery is brought to different store in a different city.

Been there.


That doesn’t seem to make sense. Isn’t Autozone’s database used by all of their stores?

I can’t say.

I know NAPAs isn’t/wasn’t.


I think they have three different colors, red, blue, and silver. I think mine are blue. Only thing they ever sold me. 60 month warranty I think but of course they pro rate after a few years. I think one is 600 and the other 630 or 650 cca. Been fine in Minnesota.

The only warrantee experience I’ve had has been with Walmart and seems their policy changed when the added the auto shop.

I got that information from a Jalopnik article.

It doesn’t matter which AutoZone you go to. The database covers the whole chain.

I sold AC Delco batteries for many many years. They have a Professional Line that comes in Silver and Gold series and are very good batteries. The Advantage line was something I sold only for price shoppers or cars with one foot in the grave.

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Left out of my reply.
What ever the CCA stated in the owners manual or was originally installed by the manufacturer is the minimum.
IMHO, never buy a battery with less CCA.