Battery terminal

Anybody know where I can find this? Nothing like it at O’reilly’s. It’s for a 2000 Villager.

The ford dealer’s parts window?

Your car is a Nissan Quest. I suppose you could stop by your local Nissan dealer and see what they say, but I doubt they’ll have just the cable end. I think they will sell you the cable as an assembly.

I don’t think there are fuses in that connector. If there aren’t, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a way to wire those to the battery.

Well? If Rock Auto doesn’t list it, it must be hard to come by.

This is where you have be inventive.

Are you able to remove the fusible links from the clamp and just replace the clamp?


It isn’t a Mercury Villager?

Those Mercury Villagers were really just re-badged Nissan Quests, and were manufactured in a Nissan factory as part of what was essentially a joint venture between Ford & Nissan.

If you remove the screw won’t the connection assembly separate from the clamp? Then you need a replacement clamp or cable that’ll let you attach it. I’d go to a Nissan dealer.

@VDCdriver is correct, just a Nissan Quest. Head to the Nissan parts counter.

I had something similar to this with my Dakota…a cable that was $85 to replace. It was two cables coming out of the clamp and the clamp was getting stretched to the point that it wouldn’t tighten good enough anymore. One cable went to the starter and the other to the power distribution center six inches away.
Both cables together would be too much for the new battery clamp to receive and I made up a new cable with a crimped and soldered lug, to go from the battery to the 5/16 terminal at the power distribution box. Then made a new cable from that point on the the distribution box to the starter but with 5/6 copper terminal lugs on both ends. Worked great and cost less than $20 for the wire and copper lugs.

With this one I’d cut the piece of the clamp off that goes around the battery post, remove that tightening bolt completely, clean both halves to remove all the corrosion, and then clamp a piece of new cable between the two halves and silver solder the whole thing together. Then you can get a new post clamp for it the other end of the new cable. I suppose regular flux core solder would do too, but do not use acid core solder.


On this. The Nissan dealer told me you have to buy the whole cable but it doesn’t matter because you can’t order it anymore. The Mercury dealer also said you have to but the whole cable but it’s $540. So forget that. I’ll be calling some salvage yards to try to find one. In the mean time I just took a screw and screwed it into the little space between where the loops of metal hooks onto the rest of it and it tightens it right up. Thanks for the help.

Most people use a universal cable end, it doesn’t need to be identical to the original. If you can’t reuse the red junction you can replace it with light cable and spade terminals.