Battery,starter,alternator or____?

My 2005 Camry is giving me a tick,tick,tick

when I turn the key. It does start though it takes several trys. When I turn on the lights they seem bright. My car clock resets to 1:00. Wondering what this is.


It is likely a poor battery connection

I will check that right now, Thanks!

Connection seems good and clean. Fluid in the left cells (pos. side) seems low. Fluid levels
are a good bit higher on the neg side. I see NO color indicators. Any thoughts?

Take the battery to an auto parts store. They should be able to check it for free (usually they do a valid check) and find out.

Thanks. Should I try to add any fluid on my own first?

No, just take it in and ask them to check it.

Thanks to those that replied. I now have a new Interstate under the hood.

How do the connections seem good and clean? If you did not disconnect them and look, you haven’t checked them. Is the ground wire from engine to body intact? It may be loose. I’m happy to see that a new battery may be solving the problem. Good luck with it.