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Battery Replacement for 1997 BMW 328i Convertible


I have a 1997 BMW 328i Convertible which I adore. The original battery finally died on me recently and I’m having a really difficult time finding a replacement battery besides the OEM battery sold at the dealership for over $300.

There has got to be another manufacturer out there that makes a compatible battery for a more reasonable price. After two weeks of searching the Internet and visiting auto part stores I’ve yet to find one.

Does this animal exist or am I going to be stuck buying an overpriced battery from the dealer?

You may have to modify the battery tray or use some wood or plastic shims to get a proper fit, or extend one of the cables, but it’s just a matter of Length, width and height…Try google “Automotive battery dimensions” and you should be able to find a size chart by battery number…

Here is one…

You might want to try a specialized BMW Forum. I am quite sure they have come across this issue, and might have better sugestions than we do. GOOGLE is your friend. Good luck.