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Considering purchasing a 2007 BMW 328i convertible

Hi, I’m considering purchasing a 2007 BMW 328i convertible. It has low miles 5,600, any thoughts on these cars? reliability, etc. I currently drive an Audi which needs to be replaced. Also any thoughts on price…appears to be in very good shape, no accidents and was garaged, but my biggest interest in maintenance and reliability of these cars for commuting to and from work and around town.

Does the current owner have all the maintenance receipts? I suppose it may have had an oil change based on age, but the mileage is way too low for a BMW. Ask about the oil change(s). Also, was it driven regularly during the 3 or 4 years that it has been registered, or did it sit for a long time without driving? If you are used to an Audi, you should not be disappointed with the BMW.

No problem with the car unless it sat unused for two or three years, and even if it did, no real concerns. 3 series BMWs are quite reliable (I should know, I own four of them). I think you will find that a 3-series compares favorably with any model Audi in pretty much every regard.

The warranty will be up in a few months, and lots of folks are scared of driving BMWs out of the warranty because of repair costs. However, you have been driving an aging Audi, so that should not come as a shock to you. Just find a good shop that specializes in BMWs.

Convertibles always seem like a great idea, but have you ever known anyone who bought a second one? Think about it.

Do you have a garage to keep it in?? Ragtops don’t like being left outside…