Battery keeps dying

I have a 1993 Subaru Loyale wagon…something is draining the battery…the mechanic, disabled the driver side shoulder seat belt, because it wasn’t working properly and would get stuck midway, so thought maybe it was still active while car was shut off…as long as the car is started daily, it runs, but let it sit for 2 days, dead…the seat-belt warning light and ‘bell’ stays on all the time, even when the seat belts are in lock position. The “bell” warning is annoying, too. could the belt warning light be running down the battery even when the car it not running? They don’t seem to be able to track down the problem. They could see it draining before they disable the belt, but it is still doing it…thanks…I just have to un-hook the battery if not using it daily…in case you are wondering if a woman is driving the car and writing this, you would be correct…thanks again

I doubt the seatbelt has any connection with the dying battery.

I would advise you to fix or replace the seatbelt for your own safety.

Is there another component not working properly? For instance, the glove compartment light may not be going off when the door is closed.

Unless there is a short or bad ground connection causing something to drain the battery, nothing but the security system should be active (when called upon) after the key is turned off.

Have you had a charging system performance test preformed? Complete with a battery condition test and a parasitic draw test preformed? How many amps or milliamps is the parasitic draw? Post back with this info

Just called my mechanic with your questions, he did the parasitic draw and it was below .05…he said that was within the normal…and none of this means anything to me…so, until we can figure it out, I will just disconnect the battery cables when we are going away for a couple of days. thanks…wakulla

If the parasitic draw is within limits then either the battery itself is the concern if it is good then the charging system is not keeping it filled. Ask your mechanic for the results of your starting/charging battery condition test. We need all this data to help