Can an electric seat drain 2014 Subaru Legacy’s battery?

Can my electric seat drain my battery

If your battery is nearly dead and you are making extensive seat adjustments without the engine running it could lower the battery charge to the point you could not start thr engine.
Or, if you think the seat is the source of a parasitic draw when not in use, measure the draw then pull the fuse for the seats and see if the draw is less.

The seat heater, if you have one, sure will! Most won’t work unless the engine is running because of that.


Kenneth , I am curious . Why do you suspect the drivers power seat because unless it is being adjusted it should not draw any current.

… and even when it is being adjusted, that function takes only a few seconds.

Perhaps–as Mustangman suspected–the OP is actually talking about electrically-heated seats.
Those do use a lot of current, although a properly-functioning alternator should be able to keep the battery properly charged, even with the use of seat heaters. However, if the OP is doing mostly local, short-trip driving, and he uses the seat heaters during those brief excursions, that could lead to battery problems.