Battery disconnect knob

i have a battery disconnect knob on my negative terminal. i very seldom drive this car, so this has worked great for me. yesterday i noticed that i forgot to turn the (knob)off. but the car started fine. i drove it maybe a 1/2 mile. the car sat for about 7 hours. got in and the car wouldnt start. i thought maybe the battery was drained. but after fooling with the disconnect knob the car started up. i shut the disconnect off last night and the car wouldnt start again once the disconnect is turned on. i can hear clicking in the engine when i turn it off and on. it started a few minutes ago. shut it off and turned the disconnect back to on and the car is dead again. although, the lights and interior lights all work. just the engine wont start. is the battery maybe drained? and the disconnect knob to on or off has nothing to do with it? thx

The interior lights can work without the battery being able to deliver enough power to crank the engine. You made the mistake after the battery did start the car of shutting it off so soon. One half mile probably didn’t recharge the batery.

Make certain that the battery cable connections are clean and try recharging the battery. An inexpensive charger should bring the battery around in about 24 hours. There is a meter on the charger that will indicate when the battery is near full charge.

thanks for your advise. i am definitely getting one of those chargers! thx