Battery dead?

My 1994 Dodge was undriven for about 4 months and wouldn’t start. Friend jumped it with cables, and it started right up. Drove it for half hour, on highway; came home, parked it and turned it off. When I tried to restart it: click click click, and it wouldn’t even try. Would a new battery fix this problem???

The battery may have indeed died. Make certain that the connections at the battery aren’t corroded. If you get it started with a jump, make sure the alternator light isn’t on, or if the car has a voltage meter, that the meter is reading between 13.5 and 14.5 volts or thereabouts. Also, drive the car for about 15 miles or use a charger on the battery overnight to charge it up. You are probably due for a battery, however.

Also always check battery cables where coating starts, first 3-4 inches get dirty under coating