Battery Change

I just had my battery changed and the next day the entire inboard dash lighs, engine, break, 4wheel, etc were lit up. The garage that changed the battery wants to charge me $175.00 just to test what the issue is. Please help.

What year Tirbeca and are you saying that it did not show any problems the day you had the battery replaced?  How far did you drive after the battery change and how many trips before the lights began to show problems?

Talk to a different mechanic. My guess is that your car is just reacting to the interruption of power. You may need to reboot it. It may be as simple as removing the ground cable and leaving it off for say an hour and then reconnecting it. You may well get some error lights for a few days and it may drive with reduced power for a few days, while it re-adjust itself.

If you are not the adventurist type, talk with that other local mechanic.

I was thinking about disconnecting the cables from the batteries but just wanted to make sure. The Tribecca is an 06. Only drove about 5 miles when it started happening.

Check the fuses under the hood and the dash to see if any are blown. If you need to have a shop look at things I suggest you use a different shop to look for the trouble. A good tech should be able to at least locate where the trouble is at in less than 10 minutes.