Battery cables


please, what is the best solution to clean my battery cable connection from all that white stuff.??



Cleaning solutions do exist, try Autozone or Napa.

I just use near boiling water, then dry off and apply a coat of vaseline.

I usually do this once a year about now just before winter, always worked for me.

Also check that your connections are tight.


I get good results with a solution of baking soda (like Arm & Hammer) and water, and scrubbing with an old discarded toothbrush.

BTW how old is the battery? If it is 4 yrs or more, you might also want to get it tested.


The only sensible cleaning solution is some baking soda or baking powder dissolved in a cupful of water. Or you can buy a professional solution which is some baking powder or baking soda dissolved in a gallon of water.

Then wet a paper towel and wash off the white stuff. It will bubble and fizz; that means you’re going just fine. When there’s no more fizz, wipe everything down with a paper towel soaked in plain water.

Do not allow a water bridge on the battery surface that can connect the two terminals.