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Cleaning Altima Battery Terminals

Does anyone have any suggestions to clean the battery terminals or something I can put on them to prevent future corrosion? Thanks

There are many videos on You Tube showing how to do that.

Get this to clean the battery posts/clamps.

Spray this on the posts/clamps after they’re cleaned.


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How old is that battery? Once they start leaking like that I just recommend replacing the battery. Trying to keep a seeping battery clean is a losing battle.


Before cleaning the terminals or replacing the battery, clean it with some very hot water. Get that crud off before you touch it.

adding some baking soda to the water helps in neutralizing the acid


Once cleaned, a coat of dielectric/silicone grease is the thing. Vaseline ok too.

The battery terminals look reasonable, anti-corrosive pads and coated with silicone, the top of the battery appears to have a lot of residue from the last cleaning effort, I would rinse it off during the next car wash.

I personally think those are a joke

I’ve never seen them do anything except make your wallet lighter