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Battery, Alternator, Starter, TPS, exhaust, wiring...what?

I have a '96 Honda Civic DX model, manual transmission. I replaced the battery, sparkplugs, distributor last summer. Yesterday, hottest day yet this spring, my car wouldn’t start. When cranked, the lights came on the dash, the fuel line was running, the check engine light blinked, but then no ignition. Left it overnight, started up fine this morning. Took it to a shop,Mechanic said battery and alternator were good $250 and a replaced starter later, I took it home. Driving home, the idle dropped way too low (no tach) and almost stalled the car (battery light came on) when I pushed in the clutch. Now when I turn it on, it starts, idles regular, then the idle drops again. Any ideas?

Check the fuel pressure.

Is the check engine light on?

Is there a simpler way to check fuel pressure? Funny thing–the check engine light is always on. When it goes OFF, then I worry b/c without fail, each time it has gone off, the car has broken down. The check engine light blinked with the failed start on the hot day, and was OFF when I drove it home from the mechanic.

The only way to check the fuel pressure is with a fuel pressure gauge attached to the test port on the fuel rail.

You need to get your error codes read. Many auto parts stores with do this for free. Write down the exact codes (like “P1234”) and post them here.