My Father's 2006 Honda Civic won't start

WE NEED HELP!!! Last week, my father’s Honda Civic’s battery went dead. We bought a new battery for it, however upon putting it into the car, and trying to start it, NOTHING HAPPENED. Specifically, the battery light (which is a red battery symbol) and the check engine light (which is a yellow “engine” symbol) come on, but nothing else happens, save for a single click on the first attempt to start it, and nothing on any subsequent attempts to start it. After a few moments the “Check Engine” (Engine Symbol) Light will blink twice. We’ve been told by back yard mechanic friends that it’s either the starter or the alternator. I’m posting my question HERE, because I’m hoping someone can help us figure out what it is, and how to fix it. And before anyone asks, we haven’t taken it to a repair shop yet, because the only way to get it there would be to have it towed, because it won’t start at all.