I get what you’re saying - and I mostly agree, and no offense here because I’ve “known you” for a number of years on these websites and appreciate your contributions, but you were the one who asked me (publicly) why I used the same username on both websites.

I guess maybe I should’ve sent you a PM instead.

You know what’s funny here (to me, at least) is - my Dad (who just recently died) used to say to me: “You could work for the CIA the way you operate!”. LOL! If he was still here I’d start saying to him, “I’m reporting to db4690 … and I can’t tell you who that is!”

When I was on 3 or 4 sites I used the same user name. I didn’t see a problem at all with it and it was nice if you searched for someone to be able to find them at other sites. As they closed down though, I just haven’t cultivated any new ones, as much as I miss the guys on a couple of them. Who am I gonna ask here with a question on a router bit?

Lots of people have been doxxed, good people who stated unpopular opinions, and I prefer to not be one of them.

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Actually it is a good idea to use the same username on multiple sites, or a very close version. There was one guy who used to post here, a real legend in his own mind and quite obnoxious at times who used a different version of his real name on several sites.

It didn’t take long to figure out his whole name and it got around on some of his other sites. It wasn’t posted here though and soon he either disappeared or changed his user name on all sites and started acting better.

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I think you should act respectfully on all websites . . . regardless of whether you use the same screen name or not


Haha! I just recently bought a router bit set - but I bought it from Harbor Freight, so that tells you my level of routing expertise. My Mom and Dad were getting unsteady in their mid 80’s, and so he put up a hand railing in the hallway - through plaster walls, only catching the wood lathes in some cases. Well they ended up pulling it nearly out of the wall! Had some nice boards in the basement, so I ripped one to a 5” width, and was gonna rout the edge to use it as base plate to then mount the railing to.

Ended up just reinstalling the rail to catch all the studs firmly, and fixing the plaster damage. Solid as a rock - which is exactly what my Mom needs now…

But I still have the router bit set … unopened. Maybe on my next home trip I’ll pop one into the 30+ year-old Crafstman router that I believe was only used once or twice to rout some Formica counters in the early 80’s (LOL)!

First rule: Throw that Craftsman router in the dump like I did. Porter Cable, Bosch, etc. Big difference. Second: Try a little cabinet work. Mark Sommerfield has good videos and sells good stuff. It might get in your blood.

Yeah - I’ve always thought I’d fashion myself a little workshop in retirement. I watch This Old House every week and miss seeing Norm’s amazing workshop! If I had his tools (and workspace), I’m sure I could get good enough at it to at least build half the stuff he does (or did).

What’s wrong with the Craftsman … not enough power, not enough “options”? Certainly good enough to start with, no?

Cheap junk. Bearings with too much slop so that the shaft wobbles and you can’t get a good cut, and that was when they made good stuff 30 years ago. About the same quality as Black and Decker.